It Ain't Gonna Last
(Daniel Saturn)

You're hanging around with the beautiful ones. They all wanna know you. You're never alone at the end of the night. She's lying beside you. She's a pretty one, but she's far too young. Oh, she looks at you. Well you know it's wrong, but you will go on, like you always do.

It ain't gonna last. You might be shining tomorrow, but it ain't gonna last for long. Those records from the past. They're always hard to remember. This ain't gonna last for long.

You're walking around in a colourful suit that cost you a fortune. You go to the places where I've never been. Who could imagine that you'd come this far with a jazz guitar and a broken heart. It's the biggest clue that it happened to a guy like you.

It ain't gonna last...

Backing vocals - Anette Kock